The beauty of succulents

Easy on the eye and and low on maintenance, it's no wonder succulents are so popular right now. They're so easy to care for and so undemanding of our time that they are just perfect for our busy lifestyles. Most are drought-tolerant so if they're in the garden, they'll survive those long dry summers and hose-pipe bans much more than we will, and if they're in the house, well they're just as easy but don't ignore them entirely.

Succulents, like all plants, are living things and just like us they need fresh air, light and hydration. So, in spring and autumn water your succulents every few weeks, wait until their soil has dried out and then give them a good soaking. In the summer it's a good idea to put them out in the garden, or on a sunny window ledge for a few weeks where they can get some fresh air and take in the rays. In winter they like to take it easy and enjoy a period of  just doing nothing, so water them about once every 4 to 8 weeks until a new spring has sprung.