Flowers and plants

Fresh flowers and plants really do lift the spirits. They're a lovely way to brighten your home and always make the perfect gift.

I love to buy flowers and plants that are a little different so as well as stocking classic favourites you will always find something a little out of the ordinary at Just So Flowers. I'm really enjoying the current trend for the garden-gathered look which has inspired growers to offer all sorts of new and interesting stems for us florists to use, often flowers that we only previously enjoyed in our gardens or along country hedgerows are now being sold as cut flowers and used to create wonderfully natural arrangements. I'm sure that this trend will influence my Christmas designs this year and I can't wait to start working on my Christmas wreaths which you will be able to pre-order here on the website.

         I absolutely LOVED my flowers. They are perfect. Thank you. - Carina, Beckenham

One thing you can be sure of is quality. I only ever buy the very best quality flowers and plants all of which are properly conditioned and prepared for sale. I buy from a range of suppliers but try to use British-grown products as much as possible and all of the gifts available on the webshop are produced by small independent businesses based in London.

        Really happy with our plants from Just So Flowers. The quality is very good, much better than some others we've bought locally.- Liz, Anerley.

I've recently moved myself and my business base to Beckenham and I'm planning to launch a weekly flower delivery service to southeast London, Bromley and Beckenham which I hope to have up and running later this year, so please watch out for that by following me on social media or you can subscribe to my newsletter  here 

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