Creating a field of flowers

I've made a few changes to the front of the shop recently firstly adding some fantastic new planters to frame the outside and today the window got a facelift with some lovely floral artwork by local artist and Mum of two, Jill Tse.

Jill arrived at the shop armed with some beautiful pencil drawings of some of my favourite flowers: ranunculus; poppies; delphiniums and offered them for my approval.  I took one look and knew instantly that the window was going to look wonderful. Myself and Alison moved all of the houseplants away from the window and let Jill get on with the job of carefully applying the tracing paper to the newly-cleaned glass and then meticulously drawing over her sketches with a chalk pen. 

A few intrigued customers popped in to see what was going on and I have to say it was hard to get on with my work and not keep stopping to watch her progress. I can't draw for toffees so I'm always in awe of anyone who can create an image that actually looks like its subject and Jill can certainly do that.

It wasn't too long before we could see the final result, as Jill peeled away the tracing paper and revealed the wonderful field of flowers that she had created. It looks so good, I'm already thinking about what I can ask her to do next. 

If you would like Jill to create something similar for your window or maybe you have a tired A-board that needs some improvement, I can highly recommend Jill who can be contacted via email at or you can find her on instagram @therainbowinmymind

Come and take a look next time you're on Beckenham Road, we're at number 71 just a stone's throw from Clockhouse Station. We're open Tuesday-Sunday inclusive.

Have a lovely day, Kay - Just So Flowers.